Posted by: weezl74 | September 6, 2011

option 2, new prices

and here is an updated list for month 2, the vegan option, which is £13 under budget to allow a piece of fresh fruit each day.

We recommend shopping weekly, to ensure your fresh vegetables are in top condition, please refer to our original lists for how much you will need each week.


Fruit and vegetables

1 x Asda spinach leaves     £1.00

300g fresh ginger £0.63

1 x Smart Price mushrooms (400g)    £0.84

700g swede           £0.59

5 x Smart Price peanuts 200g             £1.90

1.6kg Butternut squash       £1.36

2 x Brazil nuts (200g)           £3.28

3 x walnut pieces (150g)     £4.26

6 x pumpkin seeds (150g)   £3.36

4 x Smart Price onions (2kg)               £4.72

5 x Smart Mixed Fruit (500g)               £3.20

4.9 kg carrots loose             £3.43

5 x Smart Price potatoes (2.5kg)        £4.85


1 x Smart Price sweetcorn   £0.94

1 x frozen roasting parsnips              £0.94

5 x Smart Price peas            £4.25

Tins, Jars and Cooking

1 x Aleyana peppers                             £1.47

1 x oregano (12g)  £0.50

2 x tomato puree (142g)      £0.50

1 x ASDA coconuts                £0.50

1 x ASDA olives garlic stuffed(340g) £0.78

1 x Rocca balsamic vinegar (250ml)  £0.98

1 x Smart Price baked beans (420g)  £0.27

6 x Smart Price red kidney beans (400g)          £0.96

1 x vegetable oil (3l)           £3.98

3 x yeast extract (240g)        £5.61

15 x Smart Price Passata *  £3.75

1 x Colmans mustard powder            £1.34

2 x KTC lemon juice*            £0.66

1 x Asda dried tomatoes    £1.19

Packets and cereals

1 x Whitworths Great Scot green lentils (500g)              £0.74

3 x Smart Price pasta shapes (500g) £1.23

1 x Natco brown lentils(500g)*          £0.98

1 x Allinson dried active yeast (125g)              £1.28

1 x 2 kg silver spoon sugar £1.29

2 x NATCO chana dal beans(500g)*   £2.00

5 x Smart Price plain flour (1.5kg)     £2,60

4 x Smart Price rice (1kg)     £1.96

11 x strong bread flour (1.5kg)           £7.48

7 x ASDA ready oats (750g) £9.24

Total       £86.86

*Some items on this list differ from the original on the website for example passata instead of chopped tomatoes, brown lentils instead of red, chana dal beans instead of chickpeas and lemon juice instead of lemons. This is due to these products being cheaper now than the original ingredients. These can all be used in the same manner as the original ingredients so there is no need to change your cooking methods.


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