Posted by: weezl74 | August 6, 2011

rowanberry jelly

500g rowanberries

800g sugar

1. put fruit in big microwaveable bowl, micro for 5mins (650watt) cool and pulverise in your food processor

2. add sugar and stir, micro 12mins

3. check its consistency by either dropping a spoonful into a bowl of ice water or spreading on to a cooled plate if it is still runny after about 20 seconds put it back in for a bit, if it sets then its done!

4. pour into jars



  1. Would you eat this like jam or as a condiment with meat? My neighbour had a rowan tree which is currently shedding berries all over my garden. I’ve been feeding them to the hens (who love them) but I would be very happy to pick some as people food.

    • Jo this one is very tart, so more delicious with game, poultry or with cheese in sandwiches. I have since made 350g of rowanberries into a marmalade with 800g of very sweet clementines and 1100g sugar. That was just about enough sweetness too offset the acerbic nature of the rowanberries!

      Do let us know how you get on!

      And Andrea, many thanks for the tips and the recipe 🙂

  2. It is lovely! I love tart things – I can eat a piece of lemon and enjoy it. I can imagine that a spoonful in a sweet and sour sauce would be good too.I’ve got four lovely little jars so that is a start towards my Christmas goodies boxes for presents. If I get the step ladder out, I’ll just reach enough to make a second batch. I’ve got my eye on some blackberries too : )

    Thank you to Weezl and Andrea

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