Posted by: weezl74 | July 26, 2011

cottage pie- an enormous batch

a very useful recipe if you are a fan of ‘once a month cooking’

800g tesco value fresh beef mince

1 kg smartprice onions, chopped

5 tins plum tomatoes, chopped

250g red lentils (now half price for 2 kilos at tesco!)

garlic powder, salt, pepper to taste and a generous teaspoon of marmite.

The above batch made enough for the base of 19 adult portions of cottage pie, so if you top it with a 1/4 of a pack of instant mash per person (20p a pack in tesco), then it is 27p per person. A bargain!



  1. When I’m making a dish using mince, I always add a handful of oats along with some red lentils. They help bulk it out, and because they soak up the flavour so well no one ever notices them. I like to think they add fibre and help improve the ‘healthiness’ of the dish, too.

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