Posted by: weezl74 | July 21, 2011

Pass the passata

With the price of some foods rising steeply, try saving a few pence on your shopping list by using Asda’s SmartPrice passata instead of tinned tomatoes. Just use a carton of passata instead of a tin of toms in a recipe – and the added bonus for lump-haters is that it’s already been sieved into smoothness, so no chopping or blitzing required !



  1. My local Asda is a small to medium size store and carries very few Smartprice items. Grrrrr. It is cheaper for me to go to Sainsburys than to pay the petrol to get to a large Asda. However, my son passes a large Asda about once a month or so and I send him with a (small – don’t want to push my luck ) shopping list : )

    Glad to see you back with a few updates. I keep recommending the website to anybody who will listen and have used so many recipes myself.

    • aw thank you Jo 🙂 that’s very kind! Are you an MSE user?

  2. I made a quick meal yesterday with some cooked pasta, added a carton of passata and some ground black pepper and grated grana padano. Very quick, tasty and cheap.

  3. Got to love passata whilst living in Germany. I use it to make a super quick dinner for the kids (usually for after swimming club) – just bung the carton of passata in a frying pan with a couple of crushed cloves of garlic and warm through whilst you cook the pasta (using a big surface area pan drives off some of the moisture whilst the pasta cooks); called Love Pasta in our house because our son (who is autistic) won’t eat “tomato and garlic pasta” so OH told him it was made with Love and the name stuck.
    BTW you can also get cheap cartons of passata at Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons – price is about the same as a tin of toms but one carton of passata does for 2 tins of toms in most recipes.
    Keep up the good work. Miss the MSE challenges though…

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