Posted by: weezl74 | April 8, 2010

raisin biscuits

150g raisins

225g SR flour

125g Lard

125g sugar

pinch of salt

half a teaspoon of garam masala

enough water to make a dough which comes cleanly away from the sides of the bowl and which isn’t sticky to the touch. ( I used 4 x 15ml tablespoons)

place all dry ingredients in a bowl, cut the lard into small cubes and add it in mixing with fingertips until you have a breadcrumbed consistency. then add water in slowly til you have a dough which comes away cleanly.

Roll out onto a floured surface to 4mm thick, and use a biscuit cutter to form biscuits. After you have cut lots of shapes, squidge the leftovers together, re roll and cut out more until all dough is used up 🙂

Bake at gas mark 6 for 8 mins with this sized cookie cutter (I made 41 biscuits, so if you’ve made lots less, add a few mins cooking time!)

make this sized batch twice in the month

also available at cheap family recipes – raisin biscuits


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