Posted by: weezl74 | April 3, 2010

apple curd

1 kilo bramley apples cut up ito pieces, only stalk removed (trust me!)

150g sugar

120ml oil

approx 3 tbsps water to stop the apples burning as they puree


put apple, water and sugar into a pan and cook gently until you have a very mushy puree.

Allow to cool to hand hot or cooler, and then pour into liquidiser/blender.

blitz this for a few mins while gently incorporating the oil.

All the skins, pips and core should become part of the finished product, but if your processor isn’t up to it, you may need to seive it. If you do, I’d still eat the skins as they are great for fibre! 🙂

make once in the month- allow 27g per person per meal


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