Posted by: weezl74 | March 7, 2010

chicken and onion pie with a ‘suet crust’ (frugalised :)) pastry

approx 200g chicken , from a ‘roast’ (poached actually!) whole chicken. This is approx 1/4 of the meat from a 1.25g chicken.

320g onions chopped

50g flour

stock from poaching the chicken, I used 2 ladlefuls

garlic, tsp mustard

salt and pepper

combine the flour and a little stock in a mug and blend to a smooth paste

fry the onions in a little stock until softened, then add your flour paste, seasonings and chicken breast chopped finely, stir the sauce until the chicken falls apart into the liquid in tender shreds.

You are aiming for a thickish sauce the consistency of natural youghurt, so add your stock until it forms this consistency.


The pastry:

300g flour

75g oil

pinch salt

enough cold water to bring the pastry dough away from the sides of the mixing bowl I used 90 ml

Mix together, stretch 2/3rds round the base and sides of your pyrex flat bottomed dish pressing out with your finger tips, trying not to let any areas go thinner than half a cm.

place your chicken and onion mix inside, stretch the remaining third over the top, sealing the lid to the edges with a wet finger.

If you have too much filling, great, keep it to oneside and we’ll make soup tomorrow 🙂 Or a gravy to serve with the pie and veg as I did.

bake at gas mark 4 for approx 30-35 mins until gently golden.

serve with 80g carrots and 200g potato per person



  1. This looks lovely…. but I can’t see any suet in the pastry ingredients list????

    • you are so right! A step too far on the frugalisation 🙂

      I’ve changed the name so as not to be misleading, sorry folks! xxx

  2. We made chicken pies from the meat left from our last roast chicken. I happened upon a box of vastly reduced price mushrooms so that helped to stretch the chicken very nicely. We managed to put two pies in the freezer which will mean an easy meal for us on a couple of occasions in the future. Yum!

    • I agree jo, mushrooms, sweetcorn sweet potato would be fabby additions (a dash of spare white wine would be nomnomnom too, but perhaps not so frugal 😉

  3. Last night we had Delia poached chicken and so have chicken left for this for tonight. The chickens was roasted first, then poached, with an onion inside. I shall use that for this, along with the left over bits and pieces of leeks left in the stock.

    I shall use the wartime suet pastry recipe, it uses half grated potato and half suet and is very nice. I tried it some time ago and always use it now.

    I shall do what Jo did and make more than one and freeze the rest.

  4. In the end I only made one – but it was just fantastic! I had a tiny pack of stuffing – Paxo – left over from Christmas, made it and rolled it into balls and put it in the dish and poured the sauce mix over it.

    Just amazing – next time – and there will be a next time – I shall use Tesco value stuffing which tastes just the same as Paxo!

  5. Made this amazing recipe yet again. It is always different! Tonight I had the left over veg from the poached chicken – potatoes, carrots, celery and onions – the chicken which was about a quarter of the bird. I made the pastry with wholemeal flour 150gs, golf ball sized potato grated and processed into the flour, level teaspn baking powder and 50gs lard. Soft and lovely.

    It is such a fab meal.

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