Posted by: weezl74 | February 27, 2010

lasagne with a garlic and mustard sauce

I’ve been attempting to frugalise a lasagne for bob and shirley:

For the meat sauce:

300g Smart price mince 73p

640g onions, chopped 24p

2 cans tomatoes 62p

100g oats 5.8p

260ml water

Garlic, salt, pepper chilli

1 packet of smart price lasagne sheets 30p

the sauce:

35g pluspints milk powder 12p

65g plain flour 1.8p

15g mustard powder, 9p

10g Gia garlic 4p

350 ml water

55.4p per portion:)

will post DH’s verdict later and costings and nutrition 🙂

Weezl x



  1. The recipe sounds great. Cant believe there is no cheese. If i use milk rather than powder how much would i need? Also would i then need less water?

    • I wouldn’t use any water just make the whole liquid amout up with milk. If it’s whole milk it will be creamy enough. If not and you have it in then a little knob of butter or buttery spread will make quite a difference to the mouthfeel of the dish 🙂


      Weezl x

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