Posted by: weezl74 | July 6, 2008

saag aloo recipe! Very nice…

Saag Aloo

Makes 12 servings

1 kg potatoes, – 29p, chop into ½ inch dice
1 large 575g tin spinach- 77p, drained, keep the liquid
500g chopped onions- 40p
Dessertspoon Cumin,
3 cloves garlic, 6p, chopped, crushed or grated
½ teaspoon chilli,
fresh coriander, 5p, I used a tenth of a 50p bunch
100ml veg oil – 9p

Start with a large pan, you’re going to make 12 portions of curry! Fry cumin and garlic and chilli in oil for a minute, then add the onions til coated and translucent, a few mins. Stir the cubes of potato in until coated, then add the spinach. Reduce heat, and simmer until the potato has cooked through, testing with a knife every 5 mins ish. When the curry gets too dry, add some of the reserved spinach liquid.

14p per serving, with 60g of rice and a HM naan bread, that’s your whole evening meal for 20p! Each portion contains 2 portions of your ‘5 a day’.

Happy chomping,

Love Weezl x



  1. A definate one for us slimmers worders but sub the oil for fry light & away we go! Yummy! (or nonnom as you would say!)

  2. that looks really fantastic, I don’t like spinach or coriander though I wonder what I could use in place of them,any ideas?

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