Posted by: weezl74 | July 6, 2008

a raised bed tip…

Here’s a tip you might like to try…..

Mr Weezl cleverly hammered flat some copper pipe we found in the garage and nailed it round the top of the new raised bed he built. It was meant to be a slug deterrant.

Self- confessedly feeling like an 8 year old boy, he just picked one up and placed it on the copper, ‘just to see…’ :). Well, it writhed and foamed and generally did not seem to be happy. Yuck. But I think we can safely say it’s a good trick for anyone trying to avoid the dreaded blue pellets, and go more organic!

Weezl x



  1. Ah! Thanks for that one our Weezl.


    (whose good books you were never out of!)

  2. good oh!

    Still thinkin about that there course, sorry to delay you!

    Weezl x

  3. No problem gal – I’m done and dusted with sorting myself out basically – so whatever you do, fine by me.



  4. I got over Β£100 at the scrappy last week for 3 dustbins of hubby’s cable bits and bobs – just wondering how much your edging would be worth?!? LOL Seriously weezl, what a brill idea. The tape they sell for the job is not cheap and is flimsy in comparison – I love finding a good use for stuff that’s lying around!

  5. Ta Sal, Glad you liked the idea. What kind of stuff do you sell to the scrappy?

    Weezl x

  6. My man is a sparky (electrician that is!) and he ends up with lots of bits of electrical cable. Some is old that he’s pulled out, some is short bits cut off as he goes along and some is still on the drum but too short to use. It’s all still in the plastic coating, we don’t have to strip the copper out, and for that we get paid, well, what I think is a lot of money πŸ˜‰ When you think how much of the 3 bins we took last week is just air as the stuff won’t squash very well… I love being a scrounger/freecycler/scrappy visitor; what was the buzz word?? “frugalista” LOL !!!
    PS haven’t ventured up garden due to downpour, I’ll sort your comfrey tomorrow πŸ™‚
    Sal x

  7. Me again

    Sue (on “The Creative Spirit” blog has been admiring your handiwork re the copper piping to appropriately “welcome” slugs. I didnt know that – but she points out that the “blue pellets” are seriously harmful to cats (as well as the slugs they are meant for). Just as well that “this year’s style” is the copper then …. (thought I’d better mention this in case anyone else thought “blow Weezl’s copper piping – I’ll go for those pellets”).



  8. Honestly Ceridwen, you make that sound like a bad thing! (rolling eyes, tongue firmly in cheek) In our house it would be seen as a pure bonus πŸ˜‰ lol

  9. […] Weezl, over at Weezl’s Weblog, has come up with a garden tip that’s so darned tootin’, I can’t resist sharing […]

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