Posted by: weezl74 | July 5, 2008

Jammy sponge pudding

These cost me 4p cos I made the jam out of blackcurrants from my garden, and a strawberry one (in the photo) from some strawberry jam from ISOM!

I also used a pat of butter for 50p from asdas price war weekend. You could do it for 6p a serving if you use stork marg instead of butter, and with asdas own blackcurrant jam, or 9p a serving with their jam and real butter. I’ve tried it all ways, and they’re really nice!

OK here’s how:

750g self-raising flour
250g butter/stork/sunflower marg
1 large 454g jar jam
cold water (start with about 200ml and keep adding til it’s a wet slippy dough.)

Makes 18 servings, so you might want to reduce the quantities if you don’t have an enormous freezer/skinny husband/excessive need to do enormous batch cooking!

Combine the butter, cold and cubed into the flour using finger tips, until you’ve achieved a breadcrumby consistency throughout. Then add the cold water, little by little, mixing with your hands until you get a wet slippy dough and all the floury mix is incorporated.

Put a dessertspoon sized dollop of jam in the base of a pudding basin. Add a layer, about 1 cm thick of the dough on top. then another layer of jam, then dough again, until the pudding basin is just over half full (it will grow when you cook it!) repeat this in 3 other pudding basins till you’ve used up all your dough.

I then normally put them in the microwave for 3 mins, pause and then 1 min to activate the self-raisingness of the flour, then transfer them to the slo-cooker to steam so they are lovely and moist. You can do the slo-cooker part after freezing and defrosting to end up with steamed puds just before you serve.

Boil a kettle and put 2 ins water in the base of your slo-cooker. switch SC onto high or auto. Make a foil lid for your pudding, with a little fold in the centre for expansion, and secure with string or a rubber band. Place the pudding into the slo-cooker and steam for anything from 1-4 hrs!

Makes 18 very generous, Mr Weezl sized servings. Most women I know ask for about half the portion. My brother does too!

Love Weezl x



  1. I am glad to see that you use your slow cooker for steaming puddings. I discovered this a couple of years ago when I decided to try my Christmas pudding in the slow cooker. It was the best ever. I also did a golden syrup sponge the other week and it was gorgeous. Carrot cake works well too.

  2. wow, need more pudding basins and bigger freezer.
    Never knew i could use my slow cooker like this but very handy.
    thanks for inspiring me to spend less on food.

  3. Hello Emma and Debbie 😉

    The first time I did christmas pudding in the SC, I thought you just tipped the mix straight in it! Ohhhhh lordy it was flat and rubbery and very dark! Like a cinnamony cow pat! oops!

    bigger freezer, always a good plan Emma, start your campaign for one for christmas now!

    Love Weezl x

  4. hi i made these lovely puddings the other day with home made rubarb jam that my boss gave me and they were lovely. Even my very fussy kids loved them more recipes please I love them you should write a book

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