Posted by: weezl74 | July 4, 2008

Krispie cakes- but they’re a bit krumbly!

Been cooking up some rice krispie cakes today, having inherited rice krispies and butter from a pal who’s gone on a diet, and having dark chocolate from the lovely Shaz.

So all I had to contribute was 50g sugar. Due to the generosity of my friends, my batch of 26 cakes work out at 6 for a penny!!! But you can make them by buying everything for 3.5p each, which I think is pretty darn good too!

250g rice cereal
50g butter
50g sugar
100g dark chocolate

Mix butter, sugar and chocolate together in a large pan on gentle heat until melted. Melt sugar into butter first so choc doesn’t over-heat!

Turn off heat and stir in cereal. While still warm place 2 heaped dessertspoons of mix into each fairy cake holder. Or press gently into baking tin and cut into cubes later.


Love Weezl x



  1. Mr T rice crispies…sure I’ve seen em somewhere before….! Krubmbly is good – takes longer to savour them! Would post costings – they chage weekly ayhoo and you could do a price comparison month to month & be outraged at the increased prices to take a case to gordon when he says we’re not worse off!

  2. Hi – Have just found your blog from a line at I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, and look forward to more of your recipes in the future. Your photos are fab, by the way.

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