Posted by: weezl74 | July 4, 2008

growin’ me own cucumbers

after a couple of heartbreaking weeks when they all turned floppy and brown and started falling off, these lovely healthy-looking cucumbers are emerging!

I’m very pleased! The seeding was donated by my friend helen, and with compost from the garden, and potting the cucumbers on into an old paint tub, they’re free to grow…

Can’t fault it eh?

I think they are about 3 and a half inches long now, I wonder how long before harvest?

Love Weezl x



  1. Oh hello to new blog – got here at last!! Cucs are beautiful…how many inches?!! Sorry couldnt resist! You started it with the bush discussion! Lovely photos & defianately see a difference between your camera & mine – worth the investment me thinks as theyre lovely & clear images! Well doneyou! Good to see some of the other folk here too!! Hello pepys!!!

  2. I do believe I ate this!! He was yummy!

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