Posted by: weezl74 | July 4, 2008

dying for my tomato glut to emerge!

In February, I bought a punnet of tomatoes in Lidl for 25p from my shopping budget, and harvested the seeds from one of the fruit. 5 months on, they have ben tantalisingly plumpening (is this a word? It should be!!) away, but no sign of reddening. I keep googling search phrases like ‘how long to tomatoes take to ripen?’ but noone seems to want to make me any promises.

Every morning I’m like a kid waiting for santa, who hasn’t quite arrived yet!

Can you tell I’m new to gardening?

Love Weezl x



  1. I started gardening last year when I bought a flat with a small garden. My sisters and friends mocked me… I had to start calling myself ‘Crazy Plant Lady’ pre-emptively….

    This year my 1st-floor-flat dwelling sister and best friend have discovered the joys of pots of dwarf beans on the terrace and window boxes of mini salad leaves respectively… Who’s laughing now!?

  2. Hi weezl….do you eat bananas chez vous? An old gardening buddy of mine swears by putting banana skins around the base of her tomato plants to hasten the ripening! Apparently the skins give off a gas which encourages the process. Worth a try I guess?

  3. I am in the same position as you, it’s the first time I have grown them too and I can’t wait. I got one the other day and have about 3 nearly ready but there are hundreds of green ones. I expect I will just have to be patient. Like the idea of banana skins around the base of the plant. My dad does that and I thought it was something to do with potassium that helped feed the plants. Will definitely give that a try. You could always make green tomato chutney if you end up with lots of green ones. That is delicious.

  4. I’ve got one tomato just about ready to come in, but there’s still plenty time for the green ones to turn red. I think a shortage of sunlight may be making them a bit slow this year. At the end of the season. you can pick the green ones and store them in a brown paper bag, they will usually ripen.

    P.s I’m so glad I checked your personal profile on mse today. This site is great. Keep up the good work.

  5. ours are all devastatingly green. keep persuading myself that they are getting “less green”!! Plenty of time for them to ripen though! Otherwise I can share a recipe for green tomato chutney! Love your work on MSE, you’re a legend, even if you did keep me up til after 5am this morning!

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