Posted by: weezl74 | June 17, 2008


I’ve just harvested these little beauties… My first attempt at growing coriander myself.

Put them in my tomato dahl recipe, with delicious consequences!

tomato dahl and rice, full nutritional breakdown


500g dry weight red lentils
300g chopped onion approx 3 medium onions
2x 400g tins tomatoes
75g veg oil
2 heaped tspns garlic, garam masala, salt and pepper to taste

Fry onion in oil and add spices. When turning golden, stir in lentils and tomatoes, chopped up and their juice, so oil coats the grains, then add a pint at a time of liquid, waiting til it looks absorbed. (orangy brown and gloopy)

Add enough water to make a consistency like thick soup, and all the lentils fully disolved. A taste teste will show you, if it’s still ‘powdery’ add more liquid and keep boiling!

serve with 125g dry weight rice each

Taste and adjust seasoning as desired. 15 pence per serving, 802 calories for entire meal.

a very generous sized dinner with the following percentage of your daily needs:

sodium is in red, because the percentage is what you shouldn’t exceed, not what you should aim for!

Calcium 14.70%

Iron 50.69%

Magnesium 33.33%

Phosphorus 52.80%

Potassium 24.34%

Sodium 8.98%

Zinc 59.00%

Copper 107.25%

Manganese 61.95%

Selenium 25.29%

Vitamin C 28.14%

Thiamin 45.36%

Riboflavin 17.18%

Niacin 29.91%

Pantothenic acid 36.18%

Vitamin B6 50.92%

Folate 39.41%

Vitamin A IU37.17%

Vitamin A RAE 1.86%

Vitamin E 27.36%

Vitamin K 1.83%

It’s ok folks, I’ll get my reward, I’ve heard that ‘the geek shall inherit the earth’, or sommat like that.

Love Weezl x



  1. Hi weezl (waving!) Just followed you (in TOTALLY non stalkerish way 🙂 ) from Old Style board. Wishing you and Mr W all the best with this. I keep telling people what you are doing and seeing the amazement spread on their faces is wonderful. Was talking to a fellow student last week who was bemoaning her lot and when I said” There’s this great forum I’ve found where everyone would help you get your bills down” she said ” I can’t cut down. No way. It costs me £100 a week just to feed X (teenage son)” I guess there are none so deaf as those who don’t want to hear?!?
    You are an inspiration – more power to your elbow!!
    Sal aka knittingnelly

  2. Hi there Weezl!

    Great to see you in blogland! Geek away girl! Now I can access all those recipes and with photos as well! Wonderful! I have just been given some coriander “babies” from my lovely neighbour, ned to get thm planted now!

  3. How many does this feed Weezl and do you think it would freeze?

  4. Hi Sal, blimey! £100 for the son? He’d be moving out!!! Nice to see you!

    Hi catz, great to have a gift of coriander, sounds like a friend to hang onto 😉

    bargainhunter, hello- oops shouldv’e said it’s 8 servings and it freezes really well, just had it for tea tonight actually!

    Love Weezl x

  5. Hi Weezl, this is my fourth attempt at posting a comment (sigh) been trying for a couple of days but for some reason it wouldn’t accept my posts, so we shall see if this one gets through.
    Just wanted to wish you luck with the new challenge. I shall be watching from the sidelines (as usual!) and hoping to pick up even more scrummy recipes.

  6. Hey bobbykins, glad you persevered! You made it 🙂
    so nice to see lots of MSE pals on here. Thank you for visiting….

    Love Weezl x

  7. Hi weezl just to say loving the pics very professional


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