Posted by: weezl74 | June 16, 2008


Well hello there!

Welcome to my blog.

It’s main purpose: to chronicle my journey in discovering whether I can have a super thrifty diet, that’s also super-healthy.

The target is 50p each a day. £15 each a month. There are 2 of us. Let me introduce you…

Me: Female, 34, 5’6” Will eat most things. Have eaten fish eyes and duck’s tongue to prove it. Becoming a big fan of foraging for my food. Have secret hankerings to live a Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall kinda life.

Mr Weezl, 33 (toyboy), 6’3” Not fond of fish, and wouldn’t want to be a vegetarian every day. But manfully manages to be meat-free for about half the week. Requires lots of cake, or becomes uber-skinny….

We’re going to live on this budget til Christmas 2008.

Nutritionally, I’m going to see that each day we get all of the nutrients we need. I can turn my hand to a spot of geeky spreadsheet creation when needed, so I’ll let you know how my recipes break down, in case you’d like to try them.

The background is that we’ve just finished doing a 3 month grocery challenge of £40 per month. When I realised we’d be finishing with nearly a month’s worth of lunches and dinners still in the freezer, I thought ‘We can go lower!’. So here it is, my journey. Any companions along the way will be warmly received.

How do we do it? Surely 50p for a meal is nigh on impossible, let alone all day?!

No no, gentle reader, I promise you it’s not!

Let me introduce you to secret weapon number 1….



  1. Hi there our weezl

    Are you all “official” now then? Well…then, lets get this show on the road. Welcome to Blogland.



  2. Yay Weezl’s got a blog!!

    i’m going to set up a cheeky link to you from mine, not that i hav a lot of people thro there yet but one day…..

    good luck, and how on earth am i supposed to keep up with a blog and a thread?!?!?!

  3. Hi Weezl

    we found you…….in a non-weird non-stalker kinda way

    Shaz xx

  4. Now I have two things to check up on daily – the thread and this blog! Should keep me busy! Keep on posting the recipies and the costing/nutrition!!

  5. wonderful to see your blog at last weezl,I have added it to my faves. When’s the credit crunch cookbook coming out ? 😉

  6. Hello me lovelies!

    Ceridwen you were the one who made me do it, I blame you entirely 😉

    carrie, what a fab title for the book!

    Erm slightly over-geeky question, but d’you think in a book it might be less effective cos the costings would be so quickly out of date?

    Ifonly…. I’m plannin on gettin me some of those saucy pics off flicr……:) rotfl….. xxx

    BH, probably no point checking both, I’m not sure I’ll say ‘owt different!

    Weezl xxx

  7. you could be right there weezl,but maybe you could add one of those disclaimers thingies something like
    ‘all prices correct at the point of going to press’ maybe?

  8. Who – me? Blame moi – heh! heh! heh! I do see the point re prices going out of date – and faster than ever these days, as we know, with the rapidly rising prices scenario we are experiencing at present.

    However – having said that – my view is that, for comparison purposes, it is a good idea to have the prices in (with the thing by each recipe perhaps – price as at August 2008 for instance). People can get a general idea of the cost level of each recipe and compare recipes with each other for comparative cost (and decide I will do recipe x instead of recipe y – because its cheaper) on the one hand and make due allowance for the fact that when they see the recipe may be a year after it was published (these days even a month after it was published the price may have risen!). But – with the disclaimer “prices of ingredients as at going to press in “August 2008” or whatever date – I think it is still very useful to have these prices.

  9. Actually – come to think of it – “Credit Crunch Cookbook” aint a bad idea for a title.

  10. ooh did I have a good idea ? that doesn’t happen very often lol
    Seriously though,I think it would get it noticed as I’m sure people are probably googling that phrase for info on things as we speak

  11. well done on a beautiful blog…may be being dull but what is secret weapon no 1?!

  12. Good Evening Weezl!
    I’ve been reading all about your challenge, and I also see you have quite a following!!
    Can I assume that you are pretty much meat free in this challenge? Have you resorted to mooching about in shop bins in your freeganism yet?!
    We are trying a slightly different challenge – a zero waste challenge…we already only put out one bin bag for the bin men (considering our non-eco nappies!) compared to the 6 or 7 that our friends put out! So I’m going to see if we can get it down even further. My Gramdma only puts out one small carrier bag and that’s my aim…may be easier when lil’un is potty trained!
    Would love to learn more from you, wise sage that you are!! Love prestie123 xxx

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